So much love for these guys (L)

Haaaiii everyone.,

I thougt i write something in English then can everybody read this.
Some people are so amazing and inspiring me so much.
I will show that people to you., (L)

Justin Bieber, he is so cute and i love him so much. He inspiring me with his music and what he do for children.

I have also a beadlefever (L) He is so cute and my age. He is funny with his video's on youtube. I Love him (L)

Micheal Jackson , he inspired everyone with his love and life. This guy is amazing. 2009 was terrible (L)
4-ever (L)

Lauren conrad, About her fashion.  I like her. (L)

My bestfriend Vic.   with her blog (L)  On school we laugh a lot and have fun. The whole day we talk about JB and boys. The times are amazing with you.

Allright , Everybody can read this know.


biggkisss. Jill

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