Summer '11(lll')

                                     Haai sweethearts,
Yeaahh, Its vacation and summer !!!! Its the time where i've  looked so long forward to.
To which destination are you going this year??  Tell me ....
When its summer you have a lot of nice clothes and are a lot time on the beach. That is why summer is the best time of te year. Every year i want that it is summer. :) And when its summer its so fast again.
My summers are the most of the time by my nieces in Belgium , They have also their own horses and every year i go with my horse to them and we have a good time. :)
Yesterday i saw such a nice dress.  But i can't find him right know. As i find him i will show that dress to you.
Tell me where you going this year and i will show you in the next post an outfit.

                              Lot of Love Jill.,