-- Hugs and kisses (lll)

Hay guys,
Wow, my last post is a long time ago.
I'm sick today and i love looking for webshops.
I've looked this morning to a webshop called : http://www.shopruche.com/
If you love chic and old style you must to take a look. '
I don't like it very much but it can be very lovely.
But i love http://www.pimkie.com/ that's a deutsch shop. And you can find the store's in belgium and Deutschland.  When i am in belgium i always go to pimkie.

Marineblaue Tunika mit G├╝rtelI love it !
Lovely combination with a skirt of a simple jeans.

Maxi-Bag aus orangebraunem Lederimitat Love ittt!!

Blauer BlazerBlue blazer.
Lovely color or not ?? O.O


x Jill

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